Prosciutto di Norcia IGP

Prosciutto di Norcia is protected and promoted by the PGI mark (protected geographical indication – Regulation (CE) no. 1065/97) and certified by the monitoring body authorised by the Ministry of Farming, Food and Forestry.

The production of Prosciutto di Norcia is regulated by its own guidelines, which establish the basic criteria, from production area to raw materials, processing methods and permitted ingredients.

The rind is removed from the prosciutto with a typical inverted V-shaped cut; the ham may be on the bone or boned, washed and vacuum packed.

The prosciutto is scrupulously marked after 12 months of curing at weights above 8.5 kilos.

The rind of the selected hams is then heat-branded with the trademark of the Consortium of Prosciutto di Norcia. Traditional Umbrian Norcina prosciutto has a delicate flavour with grassy notes.

The specific and limited geographical provenance and the inland mountain climate conditions are essential determinants for the product, giving it utterly unique aromas and flavours. Norcia PGI is a high-quality prosciutto, destined for shops and restaurants wishing to offer a superb product guaranteed by a certified brand.

Produced in our factory at Preci – Perugia

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