Finocchiona IGP

You say Tuscany, we say Finocchiona. And it’s not new. The origins of this product go back to the Middle Ages, when pork butchers obviated the need for rare and expensive pepper by replacing it with what Mother Nature provided in the Tuscan countryside: fennel seeds.

 This was the start of Finocchiona, which grew in popularity and esteem over the following centuries, becoming the queen of Tuscany’s noble banquets and popular taverns.

What makes Finocchiona PGI unique?
It’s definitely the main ingredient, fennel seeds and/or flowers, which are added along with salt, pepper and garlic to a mix of the best pork, selected, controlled, minced and processed the traditional way to give every slice the unmistakable flavour of Tuscany.

Each producer has their own secret recipe, handed down through the generations, which complies with the strict rules of the production guidelines but which may vary in terms of quantity of the ingredients, meaning that each can customise their own Finocchiona PGI with a touch of artisan creativity.

Produced in our factory at Sansepolcro – Arezzo

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